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Blew Out My Flip Flop This Morning

There’s a song by Jimmy Buffet where he sings, “Blew out my flip flop.” Well, that happened to me this morning. I don’t like wearing shoes or slippers. I have been wearing flip flops more and more these past couple of years as well at the popular Crocs that millions of people are enjoying wearing. This morning the darn piece that goes between your toes pulled through and tore and had to be trashed. So I went shopping for a new pair on my lunch hour. OMG – I cannot believe how much money they are charging for flip flops. I think $9 – $10 is plenty. Hell, when I was a kid they were going for a buck. But allowing for everything else to get ridiculously expensive, I still think that $50 – $60 for a pair of flip flops is outrageous. I finally found a pair for $7.99 and bought two of them.

I know that they prices will go down as spring and summer get closer but I just don’t want to wait that long. I used to have a ton of flip flops but throughout the years my supply has started to dwindle, but right now isn’t the right time to be buying a bunch of flip flops. I should be all set for now.

Free Fragrances

Most people choose a signature fragrance at some point in their lives. As a high school kid, the popular fragrances of the day were coming out by fashion designers and gurus. Then the celebrities started getting involved. Then there are the ads in the magazines and peer pressure, as well.

Usually when I go to a department store, there is a gauntlet of women in lab coats waiting to attack an unwary shopper with a mist of new fragrances and promises of samples. I avoid them like the plague. It is just something unsavory about the whole scenario and I have usually all ready applied some type of fragrance on that day and don’t really want or need another one added to it. So how do the fragrance makers and marketers get me to try something new? Samples! I love the free samples in magazines and sometimes even the Sunday newspapers. It’s too bad that they have cut back on many of these free samples because of people complaining that these uninvited samples has caused them health issues. If there were no samples to tempt me to try something new, I would still be using my all time favorite Obsession by Calvin Klein.


What a Nice Surprise



I am so excited to find out that I am actually getting the Boggs Eagle Cap Hunting Boots that I said that I wanted for my birthday. I found out by accident when I went on the computer this morning, but I’m not about to let out that I did find out and ruin the surprise. I’m just grateful to be getting the hunting boots that I really wanted, something that doesn’t happen a lot as of late. Check these babies out!

Laundry Tips

Several years ago there was a TV show that I loved to watch on HGTV called Typical Mary Ellen.  It was a show full of tips on how to do things.  I learned a lot from that show!  I think that one of the shows that taught me the most was a segment on doing laundry.

Here are some of the best tips:

Turn clothes inside out before washing, especially those clothes that have some kind of embellishments on them – fancy T-shirts, painted clothes.  Doing this protects the design from being rubbed off by friction against other clothes in the agitation of the machines.

Empty all pockets, zip all zippers, button all buttons, snap all snaps, hook all hooks.   This reduces the amount of stress on the garments and makes them last longer.

Sort the laundry not only by color, but also by weight.  Heavy items, such as jeans and sweatshirts should not be washed with lighter items such as permanent press clothes.  The heavy weight of those clothes will reduce the longevity of the permanent press treatment on the clothes, and will cause them to wrinkle more easily.  Mixing the heavy weight with the lightweight also increases the drying time of the lightweight, wasting electricity from the dryer.

Use the coolest water possible to get the clothes clean.  You will save money by not having to heat the hot water, and hot water will set stains in the clothing.

When the washing machine has stopped the spin cycle, set it to spin again a second time.  This will remove more water and reduce the amount of time needed in the dryer.

Use lingerie/sweater bags to put delicate items in the wash.  Wash them with the permanent press clothes in cool water and line dry them.

If you can’t get the clothes out of the dryer immediately, and they start to wrinkle, just toss a damp hand towel in the dryer and let it run for a few minutes.  The wrinkles will usually come out easily.

If you have an item that you need to dry quickly, put it in the dryer with a couple of dry towels.  It will dry much more quickly.

Full Speed Ahead

Guest Post by Lori Clark

Well if we really go through with the purchasing of the coffee vending machine business that we have been discussing these past couple of weeks it will take a lot of planning to keep the flow flowing, so to speak. We don’t want the customers to have anything to complain about that would cause them to stop having us come and provide coffee and hot chocolate to the patients and visitors at the E.R. and the Mammogram Center. My brother-in-law was talking about raising the price per cup from $1 to $1.5 but I think we should wait at least 6 months to a year to do something that rash right from the get go.

I am looking at purchasing us some Personalized hats to wear when we go into the hospital to service the vending machines. I’ve all ready got an order on hold for some nice shirts for us to wear as well. I figure until they all get to know us it will be nice if we had some sort of uniformed look going on since they don’t require us to wear any type of badge when we go in every 6 days. We should be hearing from the bank any day to see if this business venture is really going to go through or not, if so it will be full speed ahead from here out.