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So, looking for truck tarps

So, as I said, hubby wants a truck tarp. He is very particular about what he buys for his equipment. He wants an Agri-cover tarp for his truck. So, I went to the Internet to find out where the local dealers are located.

I was impressed with the selection of products that are listed on their website, from tonneau covers to snow plows. Their “find a dealer” was easy to use. I was pleasantly surprised to find that there are nine dealers within a forty mile drive from where we live! I’m sure my hubby won’t have any trouble finding exactly what he wants!

Prime Area for Homes for Sale In Raleigh NC

The Carolina’s are the “new” Florida, as far as our senior citizens are concerned that is. Florida used to be the main destination for folks that were retiring and looking for a more friendly climate, along with fun in the sun. The past decade or so it seems that Florida is no longer the “hot spot” for our silver haired citizens, the Carolina’s are now seeing a steady flow increasing each year and homes for sale raleigh nc is a prime area for their needs.

I have always loved the beautiful state of North Carolina, and have spent a good amount of time there throughout the years. I just hope that it isn’t too full when my time comes to fly south come my golden years. My best friend was born there, and just recently moved back and I’d love to be closer to her during our retirement years. It surely is something to look forward to. We always thought we would end up growing old together, spending some part of our retirements in rocking chairs, sitting side by side, on the front porch somewhere in North Carolina. She managed to get there and is looking forward to my time to up and relocate and settle in, she is saving me a place.

Gift Cards Going Towards New Rear Bike Rack

This year I received a good amount of gift cards, the majority of which were/are a VISA card, which works best for me. I love the whole concept of gift cards. I know a lot of people complain about them. There certainly are good positive things about gift cards as well as some negative things, just like anything else in this world. But I’d rather have a gift card that I can use anywhere, any time, for anything that I want, then a box of fancy holiday candy or more bath and body products that I all ready have more than one person can use in a life time, thank you very much. And I’ve never been a big fan of candies, but I do pass them on to folks who hopefully will enjoy them and keep a few for myself now and then.

Super Joe Pro 2 - Rear Bike Rack

Super Joe Pro 2 – Rear Bike Rack

I have been saving up for a new rear bike rack, so with some of the gift cards that I put towards the purchase of this much-needed bike rack, I can afford to go mid range instead of having to settle for the cheapest. There are so many varieties of rear bike racks out there with prices ranging from about $75 up to $400 from when I have seen so far. In this case, you get what you pay for and I’m glad that I don’t have to go with the $75 one, I can tell you that.

Our Backyard Wish List

We have a lot of plans for our backyard when next Spring finds its way back to this part of the country. One way I can get through the long hard, cold winter months is to think of when the warmer weather arrives once again and all the things that I enjoy and want to do when that time comes. I have never been a big fan of the cold weather, but then again the late summer days that we get into the high 90’s and even creep into the 100’s are pretty hard on me as well. Why can’t it always just be Spring and Fall all year round?

So one of the things that I would like to do is look into some different backyard gates that would add a nice touch back in that area. It just might be the missing link that we just haven’t been able to agree and decided on. I know that when we get our tax refund this year (if we get one) that on the top of our wish list of what to do with some of the money is to purchase a hot tub to put out there. It will most likely have to be a used one, but whatever it takes to get one so that we can all enjoy a nice long hot soak, day or night. Hot water is so good for whatever aches and pains that life brings us.

What a Nice Surprise



I am so excited to find out that I am actually getting the Boggs Eagle Cap Hunting Boots that I said that I wanted for my birthday. I found out by accident when I went on the computer this morning, but I’m not about to let out that I did find out and ruin the surprise. I’m just grateful to be getting the hunting boots that I really wanted, something that doesn’t happen a lot as of late. Check these babies out!