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Butt dialing

Every now and then someone in my circle of friends and family butt dials me. My cell phone will ring and I’ll answer the phone, expecting to speak to the person at the other end of the line. Instead I hear background noise. I’ll say hello a couple of times, and when I realize that they can’t hear me sometimes I’ll even raise my voice a lot (if I’m home) to try to get their attention, but I’ve never been successful with that endeavor.

When that happens I’m never quite sure whether to be amused or annoyed. Not that being annoyed will help anything…..  Sometimes I’ll listen for a moment or two to see if I can hear the background conversation; after all I just might learn something that will prove useful down the road.

Getting truck state inspection/getting ready for tax season

Got up early and took my DH’s truck into town to have it state inspected.  The garage opened at 7:00 am,  I got there at 7:05 am, and still had to wait an hour and a half before they could inspect it!  I tried a few days ago to make an appointment to have it inspected, but all of the garages that do the inspections say that they can’t do that – it is first come, first serve.  **Sigh** 

Thankfully, their waiting room had a television in it, so I could watch the news while I waited, and there was a pleasant woman in the waiting room that I chatted with to pass the time.

Afterwards, went to Staples to pick up tax preparation software, I have found that I can save a lot of money by doing our taxes ourselves on the computer and filing online instead of paying someone else to do it.  Now I just have to wait for all of the forms to come in the mail from all the employers/banks etc so I can start to file them.  I’m sure we will get a refund this year.

Protecting Loved Ones

Have you seen the news reports of the citizens in Egypt, Yemen and Libya having the revolts against their dictators? The men are gathered in the streets brandishing primitive weapons and chanting, then a wave of other men come through the crowd shooting or stabbing the protesters. It is horrifying to watch this and wonder what I would do if there was extreme civil unrest here in America.

The only weapons I have here at my house are kitchen knives and my stungun. I have not ever thought that I might need to protect myself or my family from a mob of people, but I have seriously considered what I would do if someone tried to break in my house. My brother had told me about stunguns and tasers several years ago and told me how they were safer than gun and effective against personal attacks in your home or even in public, such as at the mall or in a parking lot.

So he bought a taser for me to keep in my car and a stun gun baton to keep at home. The taser is specially designed for women – they even come in colors.  Mine is pink, which makes it easy to find in the dark. I have never had to use it for protection yet, but I did fire it a couple of times so I would know what it felt like to discharge it and so I would have some confidence handling it in case of an emergency.

Heart health

I see a lot of news stories lately about people dying from sudden cardiac arrest. More news coverage is happening about taking care of our hearts, and lots of advice has been given out about making sure to eat properly and get proper exercise. There has been a lot of discussion about risk factors and mortality rates. St. Jude Medical has put out a sudden cardiac death video that I just watched and found to be very educational. It is well worth watching.

British cousin looking to buy a car

I got an email from my dear cousin in England.  Her old car has been having trouble for several months now and she has spent a lot of money getting it repaired.  But every time she gets it repaired, something else breaks.  So she has decided that it is time to get rid of it and buy another one.  Money is tight for her so she is going to be looking at used cars to buy for her next car.

She has been using an Internet website to help her find her next car.  The website is www.buyyourcar.co.uk.  She says that it has a lot of helpful advice on buying a new or used car and that it lists a lot of cars for sale; both from private sellers and from dealers.  She says that there is a helpful search feature that you can use by putting in what kind of car you are looking for and it will show her where she can buy it and what the price is.  It has a feature where you can read reviews about the different cars too, which will be very helpful in deciding which car is right for her to buy!