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Changes Can Be Good

Each and every year we go out and buy a real live Christmas tree and drag it home and into the house leaving behind a trial of needles behind, of course that I end up having to clean up. No matter what little trick I use, I seem to always end up spending so much of my time sweeping and vacuuming all the needles that end up falling off of our tree and it becomes a real hassle. So this year I have put my foot down and am demanding that from now on we are going to be buying and using an artificial tree, maybe even a pre-lit tree at that. Trying to deal with untangling the lights from the previous year and replacing burnt out bulbs is another hassle that I’ve just had enough of.

I wish they would widen the road!

I was assigned a car run all week for my morning runs instead of a school bus runs.  I like car runs much better than school bus runs!

However, this week I had to drive from our town towards DC to take the child to his school in a different county. I have two roads to choose from; I-66 or RT 29. Knowing that I-66 is ALWAYS a bad idea during rush hour, I chose RT 29. This worked out great on Monday and Tuesday, traffic moved slowly, but it kept moving. The slowest part is a section between Gainesville and Manassas, where the road narrows to two lanes going through a National Battlefield park. Monday and Tuesday, the traffic slowed a little bit going through that section, but it kept moving! This morning it just simply stopped there and we had to wait for a half hour before it moved again. The radio traffic announcer never said there was a problem on that road, so I don’t know why it happened. But, it made the kid 15 minutes late for school today, which was too bad.

I do wish they would widen the road through that section!

Hot topic – communicating with folks who don’t speak English

Note: This post is NOT intended to express my opinion on the issue of illegal aliens. 

One of the challenges I’ve faced living here is dealing with the residents who don’t speak English. So far, all of the non-English speaking residents that I’ve run into speak only Spanish.

There are a lot of highly charged emotional issues going on around here regarding illegal aliens, and it appears to me that the majority of the people here that do not speak Spanish automatically assume that the people who only speak Spanish MUST be illegal aliens. I have been surprised at how many of the local English speaking residents are resisting learning to communicate with the Spanish speaking residents.

I’ve found that many of the residents who speak only English have little to no patience or desire to learn how to communicate with the residents who don’t speak English. I took two years of Spanish in junior high school (in the 1960’s.) Students who want to go to college are required to take two years of a foreign language, and at the time the only two foreign languages offered at my school were French and Spanish. When I was a kid, Zorro was one of my favorite “folk heroes” and so I wanted to learn Spanish!

I had no need to use Spanish when I lived in New England, (people up there speak English or French) so my Spanish is very limited at this point in time. If you don’t use language skills, you lose them. I think communicating with the people around me is very important. Because of that, I attempt to communicate, and I think I should take some measures to brush up on my Spanish.

Raising kids is a struggle

I have been blessed with two kids, both boys. Both of them are extremely smart and polite and have never gotten into any kind of legal trouble. One of them has attention deficit with hyperactivity disorder. Raising children in today’s world and keeping them out of trouble is a huge challenge! Raising one with a neurological disorder that is not widely accepted as a neurological disorder is an even bigger challenge!

The vast majority of my friends, family, and even the administration at the local schools have had a very difficult time accepting the facts and nuances of a kid with attention deficit disorder. Most of them react to the disorder with some form of abuse directed at the one afflicted. Because of that, I have had to severely limit our contact with most of those people. It has been extremely difficult to raise a child with ADHD and try to bolster his self-esteem and keep him focused on the ultimate goal in life – to become self-sufficient and a well-adjusted productive member of society.

A Little Irish Wish

St Patricks Day (free clip art)

St Patricks Day (free clip art)

I just love the idea of St. Patrick’s Day. A day when all of us can claim to be a little Irish and have some fun.

A party with green beer and Irish music and corned beef and cabbage and a pinching people who foolishly forget to wear something green. Shamrocks and limericks and leprechauns and dancing a jig! It truly is one of my favorite holidays.

It’s all great fun! Hope you have a good, fun and safe St. Patrick’s Day.