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Water conservation

Save water (free clip art)

Save water (free clip art)

I can remember when I was in elementary school I was very interested in nature. I really enjoyed field trips that involved going to things that were related to nature. I was always fascinated with classes that had to do with conservation. Our natural resources are so limited, and we are wasting so many of them! Especially water! So I’ve become interested in rain harvesting as a way to do my part in water conservation.

What could be easier than setting out several rain barrels around the house and yard? A few rain water barrels placed around the garden would make it really easy to keep the garden watered without having to drain our well! And they would make life a lot easier for people who use public water systems when their counties declare water rationing rules! And one water conservation tip from me – don’t run the tap water while you are brushing your teeth! There is no need for all that water to be going down the drain!

Chocolate Candies For My Christmas Stocking Please

chocolate candy (free clip

chocolate candy (free clip

One of my favorite things that are a tradition in many houses and homes on Christmas morning is the discovering of all the goodies that have been gently placed in the Christmas Stockings that are usually hung from the fireplace. In our family we were allowed to dig into the Stockings while we were waiting for the folks to get up, get their robes and slippers on and to get their coffee, and of course the all important camera.

My favorite thing(s) to get in my Stocking were chocolate candies. How my parents managed to keep all the chocolate candies from melting from the heat of the roaring fire that was always going strong on Christmas Eve and then lit first thing for the “big” day, was always a mystery to me, but they did. I would be so busy eating the candies that I never had an appetite for breakfast, plus the fact of all of the excitement going on that morning, eating just wasn’t in the game plan.

Facts on Solicitor Negligence Compensation

Regretfully as in any other profession one will find the less professionals amongst those individuals who strive to provide a high standing professional service and solicitors are no different. That is why people have access to solicitor negligence compensation.

Understanding Solicitor Negligence

The short description to understand what solicitor negligence compensation is to say when a solicitor does not perform or act in the professional manner that is required by the profession.

As a result, a client suffers some damages or form of loss. This can be anything from under settling on a claim where a client could have received more compensation up to drafting a bad contract or not settling a deceased estate inappropriately.

The bottom line is that a solicitor must adhere to the set rules that guide the profession and have to conduct their duties in a manner that provides reasonable care within a certain reasonable standard. If this does not happen it can be regarded as solicitor negligence.

What Will A Solicitor Negligence Compensation Claim Cost?

No two situations in life are the same. The same goes for solicitor negligence compensation claims. Only after a claim is assessed thoroughly and all the considerations and facts pertaining to the particular situation are taken into account can an estimate of the possible cost be calculated.

However, there are various funding options available such as the conditional fee agreement or “no win no fee” basis. In some instances, some insurance policies cover legal costs of this nature. SOS Claims will do a proper assessment and only then will it be possible to discuss the various funding options available with a client.

How To Know If I Do Have A Solicitors Negligence Compensation Claim

The most common way to know if a person has a claim or not is to ask the question if the advice that a person received from a solicitor caused him or her any form of loss. Secondly, if a person gave specific instructions and it was not in contradiction to the law, and the solicitor did not carry out these instructions, it is highly likely that a person has a claim. In addition when a solicitor breached their obligation to take care of the claim can be treated as negligence. In any of these cases it is important to be able to provide prove.

What Is The Worth of a Solicitor Negligence Compensation Claim?

As with any other claim, the value of a solicitor negligence claim varies significantly depending on a large array of facts, circumstances, factors, and many other details. Some of the considerations will be the value of loss suffered, the level of negligence of the solicitor, and or remedial options available.

Are There Any Time Limits For Solicitor Negligence Claims?

Once again, like for any other types of claims, there is a limitation on the time a person take to file a claim against a solicitor. This is known as the limitation period. It is of great importance to file a complaint within this limitation period. The general time is six years. However, if negligence is only discovered years after the service was rendered the claim can still be made.

Just a few seasonal decor tweaks

Sewing patterns stuffed pumpkins (free clip art)

Sewing patterns stuffed pumpkins (free clip art)

Guest post written by Maggie Hudson

I try to keep things pretty simple when it comes to my decoration at my house. But I really do have a lot of fun when it comes to making some new crafts and stuff like that for decorations.

I don’t always have a lot of time to dedicate to crafts and doing fun things like that so when I do have the chance I like to take advantage of it. The other day I was looking online for some quick and easy crafts that I could do to add to all of my decor and found a some crafts ideas for projects and even some patterns for some little stuffed pumpkins that looked pretty easy to sew. I do have a sewing machine that I’ve used a few times and I thought that I should probably get some more use out of it anyway.

Hubby needs a new pair of gray dress pants

The Elks lodge that he is joining down here has a “Uniform” (I guess you’d call it) of the members wearing dark blue blazers and gray dress pants. He doesn’t have a pair of gray dress pants that fit him, so we need to go buy him a pair this weekend. I think he said he needs them by Wednesday. Last week we looked for a pair (on sale) at Wal-Mart while we were grocery shopping but he said that they didn’t have his size.

I wish he would just tell me what size he needs so I could just go buy them for him. He has a tendency to buy pleated front, cuffed pants, which just don’t look good on his body type. They make him look short and fat. He needs flat front, no-cuffed pants to look his best, taller and thinner. Whenever he goes shopping, he is so proud of what he bought that I really don’t want to tell him that he does not look good in the clothes that he bought.

It’s a struggle, because he wants to be part of the process, and I want him to look his best. And neither one of us feels well right now, so that makes it more difficult because our tempers are short.

So, today I think we will be shopping at JC Penney’s, Kohls, Target, and Belk’s. Maybe we’ll try the thrift shops first!