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Water conservation

Save water (free clip art)

Save water (free clip art)

I can remember when I was in elementary school I was very interested in nature. I really enjoyed field trips that involved going to things that were related to nature. I was always fascinated with classes that had to do with conservation. Our natural resources are so limited, and we are wasting so many of them! Especially water! So I’ve become interested in rain harvesting as a way to do my part in water conservation.

What could be easier than setting out several rain barrels around the house and yard? A few rain water barrels placed around the garden would make it really easy to keep the garden watered without having to drain our well! And they would make life a lot easier for people who use public water systems when their counties declare water rationing rules! And one water conservation tip from me – don’t run the tap water while you are brushing your teeth! There is no need for all that water to be going down the drain!

Talk Radio

While driving through Chattanooga last week I tried a local radio station with a talk show underway. It was interesting to hear someone besides the big mouths like Rush for a change. This guy, Neal Boortz, was funny, had strong opinions, and made good conversation. I don’t get his show on any local radio stations. That bites. Wish I could find a way to listen online – it would be fun to hear a few more of his shows.

Every Thursday I listen to sports talk radio. It’s FM, but I know there are some decent AM stations out there and if I’m driving late at night I might surf the AM airwaves for something different. I do listen to Jim Rome. He’s a bit of an jerk but he is plugged in and has some good interviews.

I hate the callers who read their “call” from a written script like third graders struggling to read aloud in class from their Dick and Jane primers. Dan Patrick puts on a good show but he’s a bit pompous too. I’m starting to think that the pompous syndrome is part of the radio hiring requirements. Our local boys do a better job with their show. George Plaster is a good host and another with this syndrome. But he has access and that’s what I’m paying for, I guess. Plus, when I really have something to say, he will take my call. So, in the words of another radio pompous jerk, “Well, there you go.”


Where to buy student musical instruments

It never fails – shortly after school starts I begin to see postings on the FreeCycle site that someone is looking for a free student musical instrument. I can remember when we had to buy the saxaphone for our son – it was several hundred dollars and we were not pleased at having to spend so much money! I really wanted to just rent the instrument but the way the terms were laid out it would be just as cheap to buy the thing! So I was glad to see that when someone posted a “wanted” request on the local Freecycle website that they were looking for student flutes free someone else replied that they could buy inexpensive student flutes from several different websites, and provided the links to check out. I’m glad people on Freecycle are so nice!

Facebook paid sponsors are hiding malware

Earlier today I was on Facebook, and I saw an advertisement on the side of the page, suggesting that I “like” a certain page about Google. I decided to check it out and clicked on the link to take me to that FB page. That FB page had very little information on it, but there was a link to take me directly to the website of the company. When I clicked on that link, I got a notice from my Norton Security software that it had just blocked a Phoenix toolkit malicious invasion attempt. What is up with that?

I sent a message to the FB page of that company, telling them that there is a malicious code in their website. I am hoping that they did not know that! I asked them to message me back to let me know when it is fixed so I can go back to their website and read it. I thought it looked like something that I would want to bookmark and look at on a regular basis!