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Changes Can Be Good

Each and every year we go out and buy a real live Christmas tree and drag it home and into the house leaving behind a trial of needles behind, of course that I end up having to clean up. No matter what little trick I use, I seem to always end up spending so much of my time sweeping and vacuuming all the needles that end up falling off of our tree and it becomes a real hassle. So this year I have put my foot down and am demanding that from now on we are going to be buying and using an artificial tree, maybe even a pre-lit tree at that. Trying to deal with untangling the lights from the previous year and replacing burnt out bulbs is another hassle that I’ve just had enough of.

Need Good Men’s Business Attire?

Men’s business attire is quite simple, and even the more fashion-challenged men can assemble a great look at reasonable cost. Here are some things that you will need:

  • Dress pants. This really is the workhorse of the men’s business wardrobe, unless you are required to wear a suit every day. Buying a few pairs of neutral color dress pants is good, such as black, tan and navy.
  • Most men should have at least two blazers – one darker and one lighter. Buy lighter fabrics so you can wear it all year. Try for a classic look, avoiding trendy fabrics that could go out of style. Buy the most practical and best local men’s business attire for a great look.
  • White shirts. White may sound dull but it matches everything and it always looks professional. It will never go out of style.
  • Buy three high quality ties. Remember that the brighter the color, the less busy it should be. Solids are a good choice and can make your wardrobe very versatile.
  • Black shoes. You want to have nice-looking, comfortable, and stylish shoes. So you may want to splurge a bit here and get something really nice. Good business shoes can last a man 10 years.
  • Black leather belt. A nice belt gives you a very polished look, and should match your shoes.

My mother wants me to make an infomercial

My mother has called me to tell me that she recently went to a trade show (she runs her own small business) and met up with some representatives from a company that does commercials and infomercials.

She was all excited about how that kind of company can reach so many potential customers, and she wanted to tell me all about it. I think she wants me to hire them to promote my little home-studio business! Isn’t that so sweet of her to think of me!

My mother is a nut case

When we moved here from New England, I had hoped to start a small business out of my house, teaching decorative painting. It was my plan to simply have a few students come by once or twice a week and conduct a small class, maybe take in some consignment custom orders for painted pieces.

My mother, who lives a couple of hours away, is constantly calling me to give me her opinion on how I should “grow” my little business. I can’t seem to get across to her that this was supposed to be a leisurely type of side line, and not some huge growth multi-million dollar business!

When she calls me with her suggestions, I can’t simply thank her and hang up. I have to research her proposal and then explain why her proposal won’t “work” for me. It is amusing at times, tiring at other times.

Family reunions

I am from a very large family, and we try to get together several times each year for big family reunion meals. I moved here fairly recently and the family has determined that it is time that I hold the summer family reunion at my house this year.

We’ve already bought a large canopy/tent to set up tables underneath the tent. Now I need to get some chairs! I am going to need a lot of extra seating for all of the family!