About Marilyn

I live in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains with my husband, my two adult sons (both in college) two dogs and a cat.  We moved here recently from New England, and are faced with the challenges of settling into a new place where everything is different!  We moved here to be closer to my biological family once all of our kids were out of New England’s public school system.  Our adult daughter stayed behind in New England.

DH & I are close to retirement, but still working to make ends meet while the dust settles from the major expense of moving, and to build up our social security benefits until we are old enough to start collecting on them.  DH works at a local retail store, I am a substitute school bus driver. 

I LOVE to craft when I have the time to sit down and relax!  DH recently purchased a Harley Davidson motorcycle, which has become the love of his life! 

I love living close to my family, and when the whole family gets together on holidays it is quite the challenge to get everyone fed and entertained, but it is so much fun.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog.

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