Monthly Archives: September 2011

Umbrella Shopping

This morning I had an epiphany!  If I ever need a new umbrella, all I have to do is wait for a rainy day and then drive around for a few minutes.  Every time I drive in the rain, I see at least one umbrella lying in the road!  I don’t know if it there because a smarty-pants kid threw it out of a car window (I have memories of my sister throwing one of my toys out of a moving car window and my parents refusing to stop or turn around even though it was a suburban quiet 25mph road!) or if it is there because the driver had his/her hands full when opening the car door to get into the car and put the umbrella on the roof of the car and then forgot it was there and drove off with the umbrella still on the roof, only to have the umbrella slide off after driving a short distance.  Whatever the reason, there are umbrellas in the road every time it rains!

This Change IS NOT Good at Wells Fargo

Last month my bank changed over to being a Wells Fargo bank, which I’m not too happy about, but not much I can do about it right now. What is a real bummer is that all the employees that I had gotten to know, relied on and looked forward to seeing when I came are no longer there, which really bites.

Today I had go inside because the teller at the drive in window was giving me a hassle about a check that I wanted to cash, which was never an issue before Wells Fargo came into the picture. I was surprised to see that this very small home town branch now had these stanchions with the nice and plush looking velvet rope (which I’m sure customers such as myself helped pay for) placed in front of the tellers for their “crowd control” issues. What crowd is what I want to know? What a joke.

Next thing I expect to see is some of barricades put into place for the employees that are conducting business behind the desks and in their high and mighty offices that now look very uninviting to the eye, sigh . .

Elks Club

My hubby has been a member of the Elks Club in New England for a very long time.  When we moved here I kept encouraging him to attend and join the local lodge.  I think that by joining the local lodge he will start to make some new friends and some networking connections.  Well, tonight is the night that he is going to attend the first meeting at the local lodge.  I hope he enjoys himself!

Sorority rush fashion basics

Guest post written by Kelly Ann Myers

Sometimes it’s really helpful to be the youngest of three sisters. You could say that I’ve learned from a lot of my sisters’ mistakes and from good decisions, too. I’ve gotten plenty of tips and good advice from them over the years, whether they meant to give it to me or not. But one thing that I’m asking them about right now is college and more specifically, rushing for a sorority.

Both of them have given me a pretty good amount of advice on it, but I’ve also been doing some research on the subject on my own time, too. When I was doing some of that research the other night, I saw the website clear-Internet.COM and sent it to my mom. She’s been shopping around for a new internet provider anyway.

The thing that I’m most worried about is sorority rush fashion. Even though I have what I would consider good style, I want to make sure that it’s in line with what’s expected of me during rush. I don’t want wearing sandals when I shouldn’t affect my chances!

Redecorating guest bedroom soon

A few weeks ago my SIL sent us a gift from where she is stationed overseas – a very beautiful burgundy & gold tablecloth.  I couldn’t figure out where to put it for a while, but it eventually ended up in the guest bedroom.  Now I need to re-do the window treatment to make the room look nicer.