Monthly Archives: August 2010

I sure felt stupid

Last week I forgot that I had put my cell phone in my pants back pocket and it fell into the toilet! Yeah, I sure felt stupid alright. I really liked that phone and had desire to buy a new one. After taking it apart and doing all of the wrong things to try to dry it out, I realized that the speaker was blown and I really was going to have to buy a new one. So I spent the next several days online, trying to figure out what phone I wanted to get to replace it. My two year contract on that phone had just expired, so I was entitled to an upgrade. So I guess if I was going to do something as stupid as drop it into a toilet, this was a good time to do it.

Jury or Jimmy

I learned something new this morning. I was thnking about how often times I use the term “jimmy-rigged” and sometimes people (including my dear hubby) correct me and tell me it is “jury-rigged.” I thought that “jury rigged” was tampering with a jury that is part of the legal process in court. So that term just did not make any sense to me at all in the context of slapping together something quickly. So today I decided to Google “jimmy-rigged” and found that it is often used inter-changeably with the term “jury-rigged” but that the term “jury-rigged” refers to an emergency related quickly built sailing mast that is only built as a last resort.

Interesting how often I Google things to learn stuff, and the answer is found!