Monthly Archives: August 2008

Help for people without medical insurance

Watching Montel the other day and saw his commercial for an organization that he’s involved with, Partnership for Prescription Assistance, PPARX.

This nonprofit organization helps people without insurance get prescriptions at low cost or free. It also helps people sign up for programs that might help them with other medical care or costs. I thought I should bookmark the site in case it comes in handy sometime down the road, then I thought if I put it here, maybe it will help someone else who happens across my blog and reads this.

Dinner out with the gang from work

Well I am heartbroken because my favorite new co-worker is leaving to go back to college tomorrow.  She was the sweetest girl in the whole store, always cheerful and always willing to help.  I will miss her dreadfully.  I had to work today, but as soon as the pharmacy closed we all went to a local Mexican restaurant for a send-off dinner.  The food was good but I probably won’t go there again – the waiter did not understand what I meant when I asked for a ginger ale and had to ask his boss to come over and ask me what I wanted to drink.  And then I asked for a glass of milk to drink with my meal, but the milk never came.  I had a vegetarian quesadilla, which was really very good, but I was disappointed with the service!

Not surprised, just disappointed

Well, I’ve been working at my new job for about two weeks now, and I have to say that I’m not surprised, just disappointed to find that people are just as crabby and aggravating here as they have been everywhere I’ve ever worked.  I am being trained by several people who keep contradicting each other and telling me to do things “their” way, which is the exact opposite of the other training person’s way.  I’m constantly being scolded for doing what I’ve been told to do, and it is very frustrating.  I wish I was independently wealthy and could just stay home!

Skipping class today

Today I decided to play hooky from class today.  I went to bed extra late last night and had to get up extra early this morning, and have to go to work later today (and work until 9pm) I was just too tired to go to class.  I went to bed so late last night because I had to pick my son up from the airport late (his plane was late, which made it worse) and I had to get up early this morning to take my step-daughter to the airport extra early in the morning this morning – I DID take her to the airport yesterday but her flight was cancelled because of inclement weather so we had to reschedule it for this morning.  So I ended up with too little sleep to get through today safely, so I decided to skip class.   When I got home from the airport I called my instructor and left a message that I was going to miss class, and I went to bed and took a nice three hour nap!  I like naps!