Monthly Archives: January 2008

Changed from substitute school bus driver to regular driver

Today I was asked if I was willing to change from substitute school bus driver to a regular driver, with my own bus and regular afternoon route.  I have my reservations about becoming a “regular” driver, I enjoy being a “substitute” because as a substitue I feel that I have the freedom to choose what days I want to work, and becoming a “regular” was more of a commitment to work every day.  Plus, I was told that the “regular” drivers have to wash their own buses in the bus washing bay!  I don’t want to wash my own bus, I’d much rather just drive someone else’s bus that THEY had to wash!  LOLOL!

Well, I was told that I DON’T have to wash my own bus, so I said ok to the job.  I will still be substituting in the mornings, going on different runs everyday, so I will still be getting the challenge of learning new roads!

I have only been driving a school bus for about 10 weeks now, and I have acquired a new respect for that particular job.  It is a lot more challenging than I ever thought it could be!

Our New Station

Got back from the store before lunch with our new Play Station 3 and DH and DS have been playing it for hours now.

I got two games while at the store and both look awesome on my new screen. The first is called Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare which is just like being in a real war zone. The sounds are just amazing and DS says the game play is fabulous.

The second is one of DH’s favorite games from the Play Station 2 era, called Madden NFL which looks and plays great on the new Play Station 3.

In order to get the full effect of the Play Station 3 you do need an HD television and a surround sound system, so it can be quite pricey to really play the Play Station 3 as it was intended. Once we had everything set up we really loved it.

Not Yo Mama’s Health Care

Times have changed since mama was birthing babies. Hospital patients are now called “consumers.” And even with all the wonderful medical advances and top rated hospitals across the country, statistics show that 1 in 10 consumers (i.e. sick and sometimes helpless PEOPLE) picks up an infection or suffers some kind of mistake while in the hospital.

If you are facing a hospital stay, protect yourself by asking questions, ask for clarification,  solicit second opinions as needed, gain a better understanding of how the healthcare system works, and have a relative or close friend be there with you as much as possible to be your advocate.

Local young man gets slap on hand for passing a school bus and running over 5 year old girl

I was shocked to read in a local newspaper, about the lenient sentencing of a 20 year old man who passed a stopped school bus unloading children and actually struck a 5 year old girl.    He was convicted of a misdemeanor, given a lenient sentence, most of it suspended, the remainder mostly community service, a 6 month license suspension and a $1,000 fine.

Immediately after sentencing, he appealed the guilty verdict!

I am shocked and appalled, wonder exactly how influential this young man’s family IS?