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I had to laugh at myself last night when I overheard Casey and Joshua talking on the telephone about needing to start looking for (and pricing) a new cougar tube. The first thing that came to mind was the fact that older ladies that are attracted to (and flirt with) younger men are called “cougars” and the mental image of some older lady wearing some kind of tube top while flirting with a young man was really quite funny to me. How was I to know that they were talking about music equipment?

After they finished their conversation, and had hung up the phone, Joshua asked me what I was laughing about, and I explained what I had imagined. He just rolled his eyes at me. Some people have no sense of humor.

Wear Green Today!

St Patrick's Day Free Clip Art

St Patrick’s Day Card free clip art from allthingsclipart dot com/04/

My mother always insists that we wear orange instead of green on St. Patrick’s Day because we are not Catholic. To that, I say why perpetuate the hostilities between the religions? I’ll wear green, thank you very much!

Money saving tip on facial tissues!

fabric tissue box cover (photo credit Linda Bradshaw)

fabric tissue box cover (photo credit Linda Bradshaw)

I like to buy those little boutique tissue boxes because they are space-saving. However, the price of them is a lot higher than buying the larger rectangular boxes! So, I will buy the box just to have the box, and when it is empty, I open it up and refill it from tissues from the larger boxes! I just cut open the top of the larger box, reach in and grab a handful of tissues and fold it in half, then carefully put them in the boutique box so that one of the tissues can be pulled through the opening. Then I put the boutique box in a little fabric cozy that my friend Linda Bradshaw gave me to make it look nicer! Works great and saves money too!

In Like a Lion

They say that if March comes in “like a lion,” that it will go “out like a lamb.” And that the reverse is true, too. If March comes “in like a lamb,” then it will go “out like a lion.”

I don’t believe they mean the very first day of the month, they surely mean the first week or so, to determine if March has come in like a lion or a lamb. So far today the weather has been warm and mild, which makes me hope for just a few days of bad weather this week so we can get winter behind us and have an early spring. After all, that’s what the groundhog promised us this year when he did not see his shadow!

Holiday decorating for March

Well, Valentine’s Day is over, and I’ve been packing up all of the Valentine’s Day decorations. Looking ahead to St. Patrick’s Day decorating, we’ve decided to use our green LED Christmas lights to string around the front window, to add a little bit of holiday cheer to an otherwise dreary time of year. I think that St. Patricks Day lights are just what we need to spruce up this place!